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All of our designs are meant for the professionals who intend on creating a business of value. Our services cover all of the technicalities a great business requires.

Free updates & support

A full year's worth of goodies. We provide support and updates for over a year after the complition of your websites. A worry free choice awaits you.

Blazing fast

Hosted on some of the fastest servers your websites load in milliseconds. With great speed awesome security is also one of our feature

Showcase your Business like never before

World class website designed for putting up your business on the internet in the most effective way. Looks count but mere bright colors wont make your business shine in today's internet era.

Adaptive Designs

More out of Less

Designs from the future

Our Core Features

All of our designs come with a perfect balence of sleek look and great functionality.

  • We host your website on the industry's leading hosting providers in the United states. With great realiability and awesome speed that is world class.
  • The desing's for your website comes with less bells and whistle but would have the functions that is required in today's internet age.
  • All our Designs are SEO Friendly, meaning your business will have a great change of ranking high on the search engines.
  • Our Designs are coded to be fast. The load time of your website is something very important in today's fast paced world where a second can mean a lot to your business
  • We are a professional team working toward creating a reliable yet cheaper solution to all your technical difficulties.

About Us

We are a company based in the vallies of Thimphu working toward creating and curating great value to our clients whose online pressence is of greate importance. We specialize in presenting our client's business on the web through various tools that the open internet has to offer. Our main focus is in creating content that are unique and gives our client's business an edge over their competitors.
Your competitors get advice from us. Do you?

Know us Better

Crafted with Love

Our products are crafter to technical perfection and the contentment of our valued clients.

Melodical by nature

Any freelancer with some html knowledge can build a website, It takes years of learning to do what we do.

Blazing Fast

Hosted on some of the fastest servers your websites load in milliseconds

wizard features

SEO optimised websites, SMO on your finger tips. We cater it all

Mobile Ready

It’s time for businesses to be mobile ready. If your business applications don’t support smartphones and tablets, you could be missing out.

Our websites are by desigh Mobile Ready. We understand that in today's competative market perfection is everything. Something as small as a blurr picture on you website would mean a questng of loosing business. Our sound technical expertise ensures your presence on the web is as professional as it gets.

Whats others say about us

We have seen a huge improvement in our overall presence over the internet after we started working with Bitlabs. All of our technical problems have been dealth with great expertise.

Tashi Norbu
Marketting Rep: ColorfulBhutan

It has been a pleasure to be working with Bitlabs. I continue to be impressed by the quality of work and advice that the firm has to provide for a startup with limited knowledge in the technical area of the business.

Tashi Penjor
CEO: Korila Bhutan

Our relationship with Bitlabs has been in the trust they provide and in their professionalism, quality and delivery on deadline. Personalised service and expert advice are the constant features of their work.

Amos Limbu
Operations Manager: Charisma Bhutan

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Deependra Poudel
CEO: Design Studio

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We have a myriad of solutions to problem you might not have even though of. Let us advice you on your business ventures.

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